Dolce Vita

The Aftermath of New York


There’s darkness within me.

Oh, my heart!

So full yet incomplete

The world has taken its toll on me,

And left us with only steel.

Silent minds are often shallow;

Asleep beneath the false sunlight, they hide away.

There’s darkness within me!

Oh, my heart!

Hide me from the livid trees and groves of entropy

Dolce Vita,

The rich man goes first,

And the rest are soon to follow.

Charcoal black is the afternoon sky

Dolce Vita, we all shall die.


A Children’s Poem: Beware the Crimson Leaves

The Aftermath of New York

Beware the crimson leaves

For they stain the earth around

Look not with vacant eyes

When they softly hit the ground

The crimson leaves will fall

As lovely as they seem

The soil filled with vengeance

And angry men to please

They’ll cut the sword like diamond

When brothers spill their blood

For nature has no mercy

When the damage has been done

Fear the water, fear the land, fear the Hand that be

With no soul to look down on

And not one soul to free

You can lower your swords for peace

And turn away from hate

To save the earth we walk on

It may not be too late

So beware the crimson leaves

For when the last one falls

There’ll be no love share

And there’ll death upon us all