This Soiled World 

The Aftermath of New York: A Simple Poem

I once saw a robin 

light and fair upon the willow tree.  

She said the snow would come some day soon, 

and the earth would turn on me! 

I begged her pardon and shooed her away, 

as the willow began to weep 

of the pain in it’s knees and the soot in it’s eyes, 

but I offered no handkerchief. 

I once saw a pigeon 

drab and solemn on the concrete. 

He said our world would end some day soon,

and the earth would crumble beneath me!

I begged his forgiveness once I saw the smoke,

and the darkness had closed in.

The people sobbed, for they had done nothing wrong! 

But we all had carbon on our shins.